Women of Vision Gathering. 11 March

To Indian Support Association.

From: Pte San Win
Re: Women of Vision Gathering
Date: February 27th, 2012

Anpetu Waste Indian Support Association! My name is Pte San Win and I have worked with you on several organized events here within the Oglala Territory on Turtle Island. You have helped us in so many ways from sparking the roots of our relatives to nourishing our spirits as modern day Lakota in 2012. Thank you so much for helping us with our Black Hills Ride into the sacred heart of everything that is; the Black Hills, the Longest Walk 3 against Diabetes when the Oglala hosted the walkers, Liberation Day 2011 would have never been a success without your precious donations, Women of Vision Gathering amongst the Oglala in January. Every gathering hosted involved cross generational involvement. Our relatives benefited graciously from our babies to our elders. For that we are ever grateful.

As of right now we have Women of Vision Gatherings 'popping' off across the Oceti Sakowin (seven council fires) --modern day Sioux. Our relatives the Rosebud women got a hold of me and I assisted them in forming their team to develop a Women of Vision gathering amongst their nation. Through prayer and thought vibration it is happening. March 11, 2012 is the date for this gathering. I am so excited because more women will become empowered by this gathering. Yesterday, February 26, 2012 I met with Standing Rock Women and the seed is planted for a 3rd Women of Vision Gathering to take place in Standing Rock, another sister tribe of the Oglala. My role in all of this to help facilitate, organize and fundraise. In Rosebud the elder women asked if I can facilitate the whole organized event and I agreed. So I will be the facilitator. I agreed to do the door prizes. At the Oglala event we had jewelery, informational cd's, propane and various other items the organizers donated.

I would appreciate your assistance in providing funds for the door prizes. In this event the food, place of rental and speakers are all taking care of. What is needed now is door prizes. IF you are able to raise enough I would like to also help all the grandmas in attendance with some gas money.

In the most respectful manner I appreciate you and so does the future of our the Lakota people.

hecetu ksto.
Mitakuye Oyasin.

Pte San Win.

From  :Jenni Takes War Bonnett To Indian support Association.

Sicangu women plan gathering to focus on strengthening women and families

ROSEBUD – A gathering of women will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2012 at 1 p.m. at the Sinte Gleska University multipurpose building in Mission.

The intention of the one day conference is to empower women through prayer, knowledge, support and sisterhood. Their purpose statement is to reconnect with Lakota cultural beliefs and traditions and carry them as they move forward in healing. “By empowering our women we strengthen our children, our families, our communities and our people,” is part of the purpose statement for the gathering.

There will be a 5 p.m. feed with door prizes. The sponsors of the event include Sponsored by Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department, White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society, Tokala Inajiyo, Lakota Women for Change, Brave Heart Society and the Stoneboy Women’s Society.

For more information on the gathering contact Jennifer Takes War Bonnett or Grace Her Many Horses with the Rosebud Police Department at +1 605-747-5928.


thanks so much!
Jenn TWB

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Merk : Lakota Women 11 Mars.

Olav RedHeart .

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