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(VG Nett) Indianerne i Sør-Dakota er USAs fattigste. Nå får de nødhjelp fra norske ildsjeler, som vil bøte på landtyveriet norske utvandrere stod for på 1800-tallet.

Indianereservatet Pine Ridge, i det sydvestre hjørnet av Sør­Dakota, er så vidt større enn Nord-Trøndelag. Her bor 40.000 lakotaer, også kjent som Sioux-indianere.

Reservatet har vært deres hjem siden slutten av 1800-tallet da den siste motstand mot den hvite manns ekspansjon vestover ble slått ned. Sitting Bull, som kanskje er den best kjente høvdingen, måtte selv bøte med livet i 1890, da han motsette seg arrest.

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Black Hills Ride Thank you letter

Indian Support Association Thank you so much on behalf of the Oglala Lakota Nation and the Horse Spirit Society we Thank you for your GENEROUS DONATION in June of 2010. You helped to make this event a successful event by providing a means to haul our horses, provide meals, create relationships and establish a solid grounds to do this ride again in the future. There are many youth as you can see that have benefited from your support and for that we are all thankful. Look at the joy in their faces and the spark in their hearts ... it is clear that they will carry this experience with them for the rest of their lives. :) Pilamaya ye (Thank you)

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Pictures from Oglala Liberation Day 2011

Thank you Indian Support Association for all your help in making this a successful day of events. It has been told that Oglala Liberation Day 2011 has been one of the best years of Remembrance so far. It is because of organizations such as yours that makes these events possible. Thank you for all that you do for the Oglala Oyate (nation).


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Takkebrev fra Tusweca

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Thank you letter

I would like to thank you for the generous donation!! You have helped my family a great deal. My husband and I have three kids and we just recently adopted a little boy who has seizures so I am a stay at home mom now. The pay cut really hurt us but the love for our family means more.

Again Wopila Tanka to you and thank you for the blessing.


Veronica Black Crow - Red Feather

Thank you letter for Christmas

Anpetu Waste, Good day,

I am writing you this letter to once again thank You for your generous donation to our family community Christmas. It was a great success!! Because of your support we were able to distribute gifts to 50+ children at Children’s Village and the Man Afraid of His Horses Community (Payabaya #4 Community). We were also able to host a meal at Grandma Nellie’s where we distributed the gifts and fed 80 members of the family and community. Wopila!!


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We would also like to inform you of upcoming events associated with Children’s Village, Man afraid of His Horses Pow-wow and other community events:

1. Planning and Fund raising for a Strengthening Culture Camp

2. 2011 Man Afraid of His Horses 35th Annual Pow-wow

3. Man Afraid of His Horses Memorial Park and campground development

4. Community employment opportunities

Please visit the following websites for more information and pictures of past events.



Doreen Two Bulls and Melvina Winters - Children’s Village



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