Dahcotah Sioux Country

Anpetu Was’te! Greetings, from Dahcotah Sioux Country. I am Wankiya Waci, founder of ~Oyate Wanji Okolakiciye~/ One Nation Warrior Society. The heart of Turtle Island, Paha Sapa, in Dahcotah Sioux Country is my home. To the north is Eagle Butte Indian reservation; to the South East is Rosebud Indian Reservation; and to the South is Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, notorious for being the poorest districts in all of Turtle Island, known to many of us to be nothing more than Prisoner of War camps. My relatives are splattered all over the reservations. The life we have is very difficult. It is a constant struggle to keep our traditions and cultures alive, while at the same time attempting to overcome generations of genocide by way of an oppressor that was never invited within our Country, but forced its way in and to this day continues its maniacal attack on our people.

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