From Bette Red Cloud at Pine Ridge Rez.

Greetings from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

My name is Bette Red Cloud. I am a direct dependent of the great Chief Red Cloud and I am a full blood Oglala Lakota. I have resided on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation all my life.
Many of you are not aware of the poor conditions of the Pine Ridge. Due to the high unemployment rate, many families struggle to keep their homes warm during the winter. Although this Winter appears to be mild, the night temperatures drop down to the teens.

There are multiple families living in one home and my concern are the children and elderly. Heaters, blankets, propane/wood funding and warm clothing are immediately needed.
Some of my people live in shacks due to the shortage of housing. And something as simple as beds are not seen in some homes.
I see with my own eyes these conditions. I know some of these families. I have relatives suffering also.
Please help ! Your contributions will be so much appreciated.

Bette Mahpiya Luta .

For Donations : Note it  Red Cloud.

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