Wisdom and vision of the Lakota Women

To:     Indian Support Association

From:     Pte San Win
Oglala Lakota Sioux Member.

Re:    Winyan Itunwan (Wisdom and Vision of the Lakota Women)

Anpetu Waste Indian Support Association. As you know I have done several projects here within the homeland to which I owe you great thanks for making them events successful events. I have placed photos and letters thanking the association for all of their support on the webpage.

I am again requesting assistance to make our 1st of four WOMEN GATHERINGS  January the 15, here within the homeland a reality. Attached you will see the budget and I am hoping that this letter will reach you in enough time where we can make it happen.

I will post pictures on website. Also, we will be on www.kiliradio.org aired live.

The event itself is not finalized as in speakers and presenters. They will all be finalized on Sunday and I will be able to send you an itinerary of events. So far we will be discussing Mother Earth, Water, Pipeline and Mining Issues and lots of prayers, stories, songs, food and a panel discussion with experts in the areas of motherhood, traditional Lakota parenting, societial functioning and moving towards the future.

Pilamaya yelo.

Pte San Win.

The budget that we may be able to implement this important project is about 2000-3000 Dollars.

Please Help us with some Donation`s so we can make it Happend.
Use our Pay Pal ore Bank
account. You will  find  info on  Top at the webpage.

Note your donation with WOMAN GATHERINGS.

Thank you Very Much.  Olav RedHeart . Leader.

From Pte San Win.

Ahhhh, to sit and relax and enjoy the star nation --it feels good.

....as I sit and ponder..I am thinking about all the beautiful people and the first ones to come to mind are my maske na mitakuye Wetu, Olowan, Kate, Misty, Lisa, Debbie, Mona, the indian support association, white eagle, the employees for pahin sinte owayawa.

Wetu, for without your vehicle Winyam Itunwan would not have taken place. :) Even in the midst of grieving you still took all the serving stuff and me to gathering so all the winyan could eat...you humble me.

Olowan, for without your FIERCE fighting spirit (and your laptop) Winyan Itunwan and many other gatherings would never get done. You keep me in check and I thank you for that.

Kate, Misty, Lisa and Mona your gracious and humble hearts willing and ready to support anything and everything inspiring and healing truely is what every Lakota Win should strive to be. :)

Tunwin Debbie for all your hard long hours spent doing what's right --Standing Up For Ina Maka. You truely are creating strong voices within the oyate.

Indian Support Association and White Eagle for fundraising with me to make Winyan Itunwan a succesful foundation to more gatherings yet to come.

Pahin Sinte owayawa - your school rocks!!! Lililili. (lol) thank you for all you do for the community and your nation.

Hecetu ksto.
Mitakuye Oyasin.

Pte San Win.

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