Longest Walk

Le Anpetu Waste. Today is a good day. First and foremost I am greatly appreciative for all that you do for the Native people(s) of Turtle Island to live and survive in this day and age. You are truly a blessing to all of us who are in the same plight to bring unity and healing to our nation(s) more importantly, that to which we all share with one another; our Earth Mother to live.

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Tusweca Tiospaye Pow Wow.

First of all I would like to thank you Olav and the Indian Support Association for all of the support you have given to Tusweca Tiospaye and all of our programs and events. It is greatly appreciated and helps us to make our programs and events possible for our children and our communities.I am writing today to ask for your support with the 4th Annual Tusweca Tiospaye Powwow and the 5th Annual Tusweca Tiospaye Lakota Hand-games. Both will take place April 9th and 10th in Pine Ridge, SD. Help us to provide our children and our community with a safe, healthy, cultural event where we can come together in unity and celebration of our Lakota way of life.

Lila Wopila Tanka for all that you do.
Mike CarlowTusweca Tiospaye

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Our mission

Our Mission is to assist the Lakota people in preserving and revitalizing the Lakota culture, language, and self-sufficiency while meeting the basic needs of Lakota families, children, and elders. We strive to cultivate an intercultural relationship that recognizes that we are all related and that American Indians are an equal and valued part of our society.

More important mission is to develop a strong, healthy, and prosperous environment in which Lakota children and their families can learn and incorporate the Lakota language into their daily lives.

It is our vision that one day the children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and their families will feel safe and comfortable in using the Lakota language as their primary language at home and in the community.

Indian Support Association is a legitimate charity, our main purpose is to raise money for the Lakota Indians of South Dakota who live in extreme poverty. We will thus help to improve their living conditions.

This work is the non-profit basis and is non-profit.
Indian Support Association main income comes from the sale of genuine American Indian arts and crafts imported from North America, but we also support the membership, which can be given a free amount of money.
You can also donate a desired amount of our account.
The organization is of course deeply grateful that individuals, families, companies and give their support. We need more support members, and Donors. Help us and help by giving a few dollars to this suffering proud indigenous people who have nothing. . Poverty is great!
You can be absolutely confident that your support goes where it should. Council takes place on Indian conditions and terms. This is a very important point! Our association works with multiple partners both in and outside Norway

If you want to support us or become member, please contact us. (Olav RedHeart) It is possible to donate directly to our donation account Cultura Bank: Konto stengt.
NO09Konto stengt (IBAN)

All donations go directly to our projects.

In Strong  Love and Respect.

Olav Redheart Ramirez .

Fort Robinson Outbreak Run

The 400-mile relay from Fort Robinson Newbraska to Busby, Montana to remember the Cheyenne Outbreak massafre of the late 1800's. Phillip Whiteman Jr and Lynette Two Bulls organizes this youth run each year.


Dette viktige prosjektet trenger din støtte, bruk vår betalingsløsning eller direkte til vår donasjonskonto i Cultura Bank: Konto stengt
"merk betalingen RUN"

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Livet For Mange Unge Lakota Indianere.

The Life Of Many Lakota Youth
  • Parents without jobs - 80% unemployment
  • 20 people living in a small house trying to survive
  • alcohol and drugs that numb the sense
  • gang relationships that replace family
  • 75% drop out of school
  • a suicide rate 5.5 times higher than anywhere else in the nation
  • parents whose lives are not long enough to raise their kids
Indian support Association is committed to supporting the efforts of the Lakota people to give to their youth both a brighter "tomorrow" and a better "today" - To change the 75% school drop out rate to 75% completion; to eliminate suicides among their youth, and to break the hold of drugs, alcohol, and gangs.

The Lakota people are determined to show the youth the beauty of their
culture and traditions and give to them responsibility, as well as fun and

Some of the youth programs we are supporting.

* On September 25-27, more than 200 people, youth and families, will
attend a 3 day camp focused on living without the alcohol, drugs, gangs
and other life styles that are not compatible with Lakota traditions and
culture. The camp will be followed during the coming months with youth and
family events to provide support.

* Throughout the fall, there will be horse rides and programs to train the
kids in the proper care of and respect for the horses.

* In December, the goal is to have more than 300 youth join the Big Foot
Ride, a 4-day journey during the coldest time of year.

* At Christmas time this year, no child or youth will be left out of
holiday festivities because of their poverty.

* The warmth of a "safe" house - where youth are welcome and parents know
that their children are cared for in the traditional way

Most important is encouragement the kids will be given to stay in school.
Indian Support Association provides as much support as we can muster.

Can you help?

Help the Lakota change the lives of their children. Every donation goes
directly to support their efforts.

We realy need your Donations.

Lila Wopila Tanka.

Olav RedHeart.

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