Vision of the Woman.

"Winyan Ituwan", (Vision of the Women), will be held on January 15, 2012 beginning at 1pm and ending with an evening meal at the Pahin Sinte School in Porcupine, SD. Topics include Mother Earth and water, mining issues facing the people living on the great plains of the United States, and roles and responsibilities of Native women. Speakers will share their experiences in frontline activism work around these issues.
Tantoo Cardinal, a First Nations Cree actor and activist will speak on the tarsands oil mine and its impacts in her homelands of Ft McMurray, Canada. Ms Cardinal was recently inducted as a Member into the Order of Canada for her contributions. Famous for her roles in movies such as Smoke Signals, Legends of the Fall, Black
Robe, and Dances with Wolves, Ms. Cardinal is also a founding member of the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company, which works with and to inspire First Nations youth in the performing arts.
Debra White Plume, Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, will speak on the tarsands oil mine, the Keystone XL Oil pipeline planned to cross the plains from Montana to Texas. She will share updates as the lead plantiff in the case against Cameco, Inc. in its attempt to mine uranium near the reservation, and the PowerTech, Inc. plan to mine uranium in the Black Hills. White Plume is co-founder of Bring Back the Way, a grassroots nongovernmental organization
dedicated to the preservation of the Lakota Way of Life and Treaty Rights.
Kandi Mosset, Mandan/Arikaree from New Town, ND, works on the tarsands oil mine and xl keystone pipeline campaign with the Indigenous Environmental Network. Ms. Mosset recently returned from the UN Climate Convention in Durban, South Africa. She will speak on these issues and on oil mining impacts on her Mandan/Hidotsa/Arikaree community in North Dakota.
White Plume, Cardinal, and Mosset were part of the 1200 people arrested at the White House in a mass civil disobedience to bring awareness to the American people and President Obama regarding opposition to the XL Keystone pipeline permit.
A panel of Oglala Lakota women will include Regina Brave, who will speak of her experiences at Wounded Knee Occupation for 71 days in 1973; Marilyn Charging Crow, Vivian Locust and Arlette Loud Hawk. Loud Hawk will speak as the Whip Bearer for the Tokala KitFox Warrior Society. Special guest speakers include Marie Randall and Lily Mae Red Eagle.
A slideshow of the tarsands oil mine in Canada will be shared, and a 10 minute video short of the documentary Crying Earth Rise Up! about uranium mining in Lakota Territory by Prairie Dust Films will be shown. There will be an open microphone for women to express themselves and offer words of wisdom to the young generations. Tiana Spotted Thunder of Independence Through Music, and the group Scatter Their Own will share their songs and music. Pte San Win will serve as the MC.
Winyan Ituwan is a collective effort to bring women together to share experiences, vision, and wisdom. There will be many door prizes including fire wood, propane, jewelry, much more. All women are encouraged to attend, the gathering is open to the men who want to hear the voice, vision and wisdom of the women. Winyan Ituwan is the first of four women's gatherings, with one set for spring, summer and fall. People can call 605-899-1419 or connect at Winyan Ituwan on Face Book for more information.

Debra White Plume.

Wisdom and vision of the Lakota Women

To:     Indian Support Association

From:     Pte San Win
Oglala Lakota Sioux Member.

Re:    Winyan Itunwan (Wisdom and Vision of the Lakota Women)

Anpetu Waste Indian Support Association. As you know I have done several projects here within the homeland to which I owe you great thanks for making them events successful events. I have placed photos and letters thanking the association for all of their support on the webpage.

Les mer: Wisdom and vision of the Lakota Women

From Bette Red Cloud at Pine Ridge Rez.

Greetings from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

My name is Bette Red Cloud. I am a direct dependent of the great Chief Red Cloud and I am a full blood Oglala Lakota. I have resided on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation all my life.
Many of you are not aware of the poor conditions of the Pine Ridge. Due to the high unemployment rate, many families struggle to keep their homes warm during the winter. Although this Winter appears to be mild, the night temperatures drop down to the teens.

Les mer: From Bette Red Cloud at Pine Ridge Rez.

Dahcotah Sioux Country

Anpetu Was’te! Greetings, from Dahcotah Sioux Country. I am Wankiya Waci, founder of ~Oyate Wanji Okolakiciye~/ One Nation Warrior Society. The heart of Turtle Island, Paha Sapa, in Dahcotah Sioux Country is my home. To the north is Eagle Butte Indian reservation; to the South East is Rosebud Indian Reservation; and to the South is Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, notorious for being the poorest districts in all of Turtle Island, known to many of us to be nothing more than Prisoner of War camps. My relatives are splattered all over the reservations. The life we have is very difficult. It is a constant struggle to keep our traditions and cultures alive, while at the same time attempting to overcome generations of genocide by way of an oppressor that was never invited within our Country, but forced its way in and to this day continues its maniacal attack on our people.

Les hele teksten her:
Dahcotah Sioux country.pdf

League of Indigenous Nations and Cante Tenza Okolakiciye challenge South Dakota .

League of Indigenous Nations and Cante Tenza Okolakiciye challenge South Dakota to return my child immediately or else!!!

The State of South Dakota, particularly the Department of Social Services (DSS)  has been illegally holding my child, Temok, for the last 8 months in their foster care system.

I was illegally incarcerated for 28 days in October 2010 without an arrest warrant, without an officer being witness to a crime being committed by me, and without any substantial evidence against me. The 5 officers involved in my arrest and questioning heard nothing from me other than they were in violation of being foreigners on Lakota Oyate territory, that they had no jurisdiction over me, a Lakota wombyn, and that if they wanted to investigate anything, let's investigate how their agencies have been illegally enforcing their iron rule over our people for hundreds of years and using it to commit terrible crimes against us. Apparently, they didn't like that too much, and as a result, my son paid the highest price for his mother's beliefs and Indigenous Resistance. How would you feel, at 2 years old, to be snatched away from your loving mother with no idea of what's going on, then placed with complete strangers who know nothing of your culture and life, and who then proceed to abuse you? Well, this has been happening to our people for hundreds of years, i.e. the boarding schools, genocide, massacre... etc. Ugh. But it doesn't mean that we have to bend over and let it continue to happen! 

After I was released from jail I realized that DSS had no intentions of returning my child to me, even though they repeatedly told me while I was incarcerated that "I was one of the best moms they had ever seen, and that as soon as I get out of jail, they would be happy to release my son to me." 

Number 4 out of the 4 most important creations I've created in my life ~Temoc~ Instead, I found out that they filed an abuse and neglect case against me, and intented to keep my son, because apparently " I would not perform my parental responsibilities" so they placed him with white people, who apparently, would. Well, lil Temock was coming into visits extremely withdrawn and emotional, bruised, bitten, scratched, with busted lips, and even once with a swollen gashed eye that took weeks to heal. When I raised a fuss with DSS, Supervisor Deb Horan told me that I was overreacting, and that his marks were "normal, and age-relevant."  

I realized that the State agencies involved in my case - the Rapid City Police Department, The Department of Social Services, and the Pennington County Court System - had intentions of punishing my child and I because I stood up against them in defense of our rights and the rights of our Lakota Oyate to be free and left alone after I began to study the law and build a case against them. It was eye-opening! I discovered that over 25 South Dakota Codified Laws, 6 Constitutional Laws, 5 Supreme Court Rulings, The International Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights, The Rights of the Child and the Woman as protected under International Law, the Vienna Convention of 1961, The Fort Laramie Treaties, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the Genocide Act (Public Law 100-606), and basic human, civil, and indigenous rights had been violated in our case. So I drafted up and submitted motions to dismiss both cases against me supported by affidavits and violations of law, yet Judge Jeff W. Davis threw them all out and threatened to label me as incompetent to stand pro se if I kept it up. Ugh...

So... the story is so much longer than that... but to make it shorter...

After much struggle standing on my own in the fight to get my son back and to free myself from beneath the yoke of this system which failed miserably to adhere to its own law, I finally met by chance Duane Martin Sr., the headsman of Cante Tenza Okolakiciye, the Strong Heart Warrior Society. I had already turned to many sources for help but most did absolutely nothing for us, or were unable to help. So Duane agreed to help me, and together we notified the League of Indigenous Nations of Canada of our situation. The League of Indigenous Nations has the power to enforce international law, which supercedes state and federal law, and investigates them when they abuse their power against native people. So, we received word today that a complaint is being issued against all agencies involved in this case. The attorney general of South Dakota wants to dismiss both cases if they revoke the complaint, but at this point, after all that  my son and I have gone through, and on a broader scale, what my people are suffering through, and what my ancestors died for... I say NO WAY! Now it is time for the truth to come out! 

An order is being issued in the morning for my son to be returned home immediately... and things will progress from there. We will have media support as we go to pick him up tomorrow. We want to ask the public for their support in this case, as we stand up against the corruption and the mass civil rights violations that have occured in these cases. Please stand behind us as we fight for our rights and therefore, the civil rights of all people as a whole. There is much more to come! Haho! Hoka Hey!

Mitakuye Ieyuha,

Stephanie Rouillard

Cante Tenza Okolakiciye

Tetuwon Council Judicial Member

Støttekonsert for Leonard Peltier. 25 Mai.

Vi har nå kommet i gang med vår planlagte kulturutveksling og Brobygging mellom Den Indianske  og den Norske Kulturen med arrangement her i Norge. Det Vil bli flere kulturelle innslag i løpet av Året.
Den første begivenheten finner sted onsdag 25.mai på Gamla i Oslo, denne gang med støttekonsert fo Leonard Peltier. Flere artister fra Norge , Nord-  og Sør-Amerika vil være tilstede.

Konserten "Wiping theTears" 2011 er et samarbeid mellom One People, Indian support Association og MTG music. Fokus er på menneskerettigheter

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