Takkebrev fra Cheyenne River reservatet

Takkebrev fra Cheyenne River reservatet etter utlevering av 120 elektriske ovner i regi av One Spirit

Utlevering av ovner

Lossing av ovner 1

Lossing av ovner 2

I am happy to report the success of delivery to families in need of Heaters. All went well when the truck arrived and unloading was also good. The Compensated Work Therapy Veterans volunteered to help my son Sheldon and I unpack and inventory the packages. I was able to deliver 49 heaters in 4 hours time. The CRST donated the use of a 4 wheel drive pickup for house to house deliveries. Many of the receipients were so happy they say 'this is God sent'. Only 2 individual Elders refused the heaters. I plan to deliver as much as I can today. Debra Dyda is also a volunteer. She has committed to deliver house to house as well.

Everywhere I go I am sure to let them know that  Jeri Baker of One Spirit
and Olav Redheart Husby of Help Indians have given from their hearts to get us these donations.

Thank you so much. You have made such a big positive impact on Cheyenne River. I know this donation is well received on Cheyenne River. People are talking about it in a positive way. Unfortunately there is not going to be enough for all of our needs. I pray that more help is on the way. For those I could not serve I assured them that more help is on the way. Stay in good health and Wakan Tanka ( great Spirit ) watch over you. Raymond.

Oppdatering fra One Spirit:
So far we have sent 240 electric room heaters to Pine Ridge and 120 to Cheyenne River.  For $50 per heater we have been able to provide a means of keeping warm to 360 homes.  The reports we are getting back are that the heaters do an excellent job of keeping the living areas warm.  With the high cost of propane, the electric heaters are much more cost efficient and they last for more than one season.

There are still many people without heat and the urgent calls keep coming.

  • A grandmother caring for 6 grandchildren with no heat, hot water or fuel for cooking.
  • An elder who lives in an older home and whose only source of heat and cooking is wood – but he has only a few branches of wood he has been able to pull from the snow and ice.
  • A young mother with a new baby who has no heat.
  • An elderly husband and wife.  The husband is on dialysis at home.  They have been using a propane cook stove for heat and the propane is at 5%.
  • An elder who is blind and who heats his home with wood.  An electric heater would make things much easier for him – also, he has no wood.

The temperature on the reservations is still below freezing. 

  • If you can help, even a little, please help us get more heaters to the reservation.
  • If your church or civic group or the company where you work gives to charitable causes, ask if they can help.
  • Ask your friends and relatives if they can contribute toward a heater.

Let this be the year that we begin to find solutions so that the heating needs are no longer a problem and the Lakota can turn their attention to other needs of their people.

Thank you for all that you do.


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