Thank You From ONE Spirit


We at ONE Spirit and the Lakota people would like to share with you the accomplishments of 2007 that were made possible by your contributions. You made life better for the Lakota people by:
  • Sponsoring a Child/Family or Elder: The sponsorship program:
    • Enrolled 25 elders and 172 children; Totals: 167 elders and 2013 children currently enrolled.
    • Signed up 94 new sponsors; Total number of active sponsors: 813.
    • Sponsored 68 children and 30 elders; Totals: 707 children and 77 elders sponsored.
    • Providing food through Project SHARE: You contributed more than $56,000 that bought food valued at more than $110,000 at supermarket prices.

  • Sending clothes and needed household items to individual families through the Okini Project: More than 100 families representing over 500 people received much needed help.

  • Sending over 7000 books to youth on Pine Ridge and 1800 to Crow Creek Reservation: These books reached children in their homes and in their communities - places where books were previously not available.

  • Contributing to the Christmas Gift Box Program: During the end of year holiday season, children on Pine Ridge and Crow Creek Reservation received 454 holiday boxes and more than 600 coats with an equal amount of hats, gloves, scarves and socks.

  • Making cash donations that funded:

    • The gathering and delivery of wood for fuel - 100 loads on Cheyenne River and 50 loads through the recently developed wood program on Pine Ridge.
    • The provision of propane for heat during the winter - More than $30,000 was contributed for fuel and much of it during the worst of the winter weather when no other help was available.
    • The sorting and delivery of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to homes around the very large Pine Ridge Reservation. - Cost of more than $17,000.
    • The youth programs - providing opportunities and hope to the youth.
    • Help feed and clothe the people served by VAIC (Victim's Assistance of Indian Country).
    • The Big Foot Ride: Supporting the continuation of the Lakota Culture and traditions.
    • The Lakota Art Market: providing ways for Lakota artists to support themselves by the use of their talents.
    We are looking forward to 2008 as the year that the cycle of poverty on the reservation is broken and the Lakota people are empowered to provide a decent standard of living for their people while preserving and perpetuating their culture and traditions. They offer much beauty and wisdom to the world.

    We thank you for your dedication and commitment.
    The ONE Spirit Staff

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