Thank you letter from Pine Ridge

sd_074I would like to say woplia tanka icicapelo ( a great big thanks ) to Olav and his supporters for their help with our Elderly Wood Program. You have helped us in getting a much needed truck and also helped us with two (2) chains saws. I feel Olav is dedicated to our people and his service is proof of his work. The wood program provides wood to elders in our district when we need it the most during severe blizzards.


The Association have also given a lot of good winter clothes to  Natives  in our District.

Again, I would like to thank Olav and the Indian support association for the work and committment to the oglala Lakota Oyate (people). Hecatuwelo.

John DuBray Jr.
Little Fox
Pass Creek District member
Pine Ridge Reservation
South Dakota

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