New documentary on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - "A Thunder-Being Nation"

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Here you can see an excerpt from the documentary and hear the film maker Steven Lewis Simpson talk about the process of how this documentary came to be.
I have long taken interest in the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. Ever since I learned of the conditions I have gathered information, and for months I was waiting for this documentary, which took 13 years to make, to be released. When I saw it I couldn't help but cry for these proud, wonderful people who are treated with such injustice, ignorance and prejudice!
When I finally got to watch it I was not disappointed. I highly recommend it!!! Even though I knew a lot of the information before hand, hearing and seeing it coming from the Oglala Lakota people themselves, made it so much more powerful and heart wrenching. The truth has to come out! This documentary really includes both the important historic events, and the challenges the Lakota people are facing today - From freedom to confinement. And it's done in such a respectful and beautiful manner, and that's what make this documentary unique and so moving. This video should, in my opinion, be mandatory in all history classes in schools around the world, and to be shown on all TV-channels.

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