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My name is Michael Carlow Jr., I am an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Pine Ridge, SD and the Founder and Director of Tusweca Tiospaye, a Native 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and strengthening of Native languages. Tusweca Tiospaye is based on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and we operate with community and Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Support.

In 2008 we created the Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit as way to unite our First Nations in our efforts to keep our languages alive. Many of our reservations, reserves, and/or communities are faced with the same dire situation in regard to our languages. We are down to a few elder speakers with no new generations of speakers being created to take their place once they are gone. Today many within our communities are in a struggle to do something to keep our languages from being lost. Many though are working independently without the support of others. The Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit is a way to bring everyone together to support and help each other through these struggles.

The Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit is a yearly gathering where language educators, leaners, and advocates can share language teaching and/or learning strategies, techniques, models, methods, resources, materials, and technologies that are out there that can be used to be successful in creating a new generation of speakers as well as a generation of second language learners that can help in ensuring that our languages are continued on into the future. Throughout the year the unity created through the summit is sustained through the Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Network where summit participants can communicate with each other and Tusweca Tiospaye can keep everyone updated on language workshops, development of new materials and technologies, and general support in the important work we all do.

2013 will mark the 6th Annual Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit. Over the last five years we have had more than 2000 people representing nearly 70 tribes from the United States and Canada participate in the summit and continue to communicate through the Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Network. November 14, 15, and 16, 2013 are the dates for the 6th Annual Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit which will be held at the Ramkota Best Western Hotel and Convention Center in Rapid City, SD.

As each year passes the summit continues to grow which means more and more planning and more and more expenses to make each gathering a success. It is for this reason I am writing, to respectfully request that the Indian Support Association become a sponsor of this year's upcoming gathering. I humbly ask that the Indian Support Association make a contribution of $1,000.00 to Tusweca Tiospaye to be used to help fund the summit. With your help we can continue to keep our people working together toward the goal of keeping our languages alive for our future generations.

To show our appreciation for your generosity and support we will put the Indian Support Association seal on the "Summit Sponsors" page of the summit program, on our website, and on all on-site signage. The Indian Support Association will also be mentioned at all general assemblies during the summit. We will also submit a report after the completion of the summit.

I thank you for all that you do and invite you to contact me at any time if you would like further information regarding the summit or if you have any questions at all. You may also visit www.tuswecatiospaye.org to view the Lakota Dakota Nakota language Summit page. Lila wopila tanka.

Michael Carlow Jr
Michael Carlow Jr.
Tusweca Tiospaye
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